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Meet the characters: Nicholas Brody

Nicholas Brody (Showtime)

Name: Nicholas Brody.
Age: UKN.
Date of birth: UKN.
Town and Country: UKN, United States.
Status: Married to Jessica Brody.
Children: Dana and Chris Brody.

Affiliation: United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper. Actual rank is Sergeant.

Current Work: Brody is not working as a military at the moment because he was recently brought back home from captivity.

Work experience: It’s unknown when Sergeant Brody joined the Marines, but it is believed that he’s been serving for quite some time.

Brody served as a Scout Sniper USMC in Iraq when he was captured in early 2003 near the Syrian border along with his partner Corporal Thomas Walker. He was taken to a facility outside Damascus where he was help prisoner for eight years.

During those eight years, Brody was tortured, mistreated, beaten up, burned up, and clearly suffered from undernourishment.

Profile: Brody, as a former Prisoner of War held in custody by an enemy power during an armed conflict, hides everything away from people, locking up behind doors all his feelings to his closest persons, his family.

He is been having harsh flashbacks from when he was held prisoner, which makes him struggle with reality sometimes and cause him to do specific methods in order to be or feel more comfortable with his current position. A perfect example is when he needs to sit in the corner of the room to feel some sort of safety; or when he embraced Islamic customs and practices them in secrecy.

POWs try to act normal, so he is not the exception. He tries very hard to keep an outdoor face so nobody ever asks him ‘how are you’.  This is extraordinary to watch because he let go in the shape of mistreating his family, specially his wife Jessica, as if he was punishing them at every opportunity that he has. Yet again, nobody said it was going to be easy…

In order to know more about Brody, there needs to be a comparison of how he is before he was captured and how he is now. Pre POW is happy, distressful, enjoying his life as a married couple with Jessica, living with his children, going to school plays and so on; meaning that they were at their best as a young married couple. Post POW is what we are watching now, complex character, hard to read, unconventional behavior, erratic decisions… All answers that he is not what he’s showing us and is hiding something, or on the contrary he is just another POW trying to survive, trying to adapt.

Perceptions of Environment and People: Nick, very clearly, doesn’t feel safe anywhere. He is always with his guard up and studies everything without exception.

Family: Spouse is Jessica Brody. Children are Dana and Chris Brody. There has been no mention to other family members.

Interpersonal Relationships: It is clear that Brody has issues with communicating his true feelings to his closest circle; in fact he tries hard to cover them up, and just sometimes we can actually see him for what he is.

Jessica is his wife, but just by name, because she is backed off when he has needed her; so they have a weird relationship, as if they are some strangers that find themselves living together, and that is normal regarding their special situation, he is a POW and she believed that he was dead, so they have to meet up again, know each other personalities, likes, dislikes, fears, interests…

Brody and Jessica have had a few frustrating sexual encounters, and this has stayed deep in her mind, plus he is not talking about anything to her, only superficial conversations, causing her to believe that he needs serious help.

Apart from his wife, Brody has been dealing with his children. Dana and Chris show different positions. Dana is coping well with the idea of having her dad back home, even changing her relationship with her mother. On the other hand, Chris is scared of Brody, and I believe that it has to do with the fact that he doesn’t remember him at all, so he has nothing to relate with.

Overall Review
There’s a big question mark around this character because we really don’t know what to think about him not to mention we know absolutely nothing about him. We are actually discovering things regarding him in the same way the other characters do on a regular basis, day by day, actions, how he speaks, behave, his tone when he’s talking, way he reacts to people… Meaning it is going to take a while when we get him since he shows very little, which makes him very irresistible to us.

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