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Meet the characters: Carrie Mathison

Carrie Mathison (Showtime)

Name: Carrie Mathison.
Age: 32.
Date of birth: April 5, 1979.
Town and Country: Maryland, United States.
Status: Single.

Academic: Bachelor’s Degree in Near East Studies and Linguistics from Northwestern University. Arabic and Farsi at the American University of Beirut. Summa Cum Laude from Princeton University with a BA in Arabic Languages and Literatures.

Current Work: CIA Agent. Counterterrorism Unit. Status: Active Intelligence Officer.

Work Experience: Carrie Mathison joined the CIA on 1999, being trained by her current mentor Saul Berenson, with whom she is still close.

She worked in Bagdad, Iraq to gather Intel for the CIA. During this period of time, she was trying to find something against Abu Nazir, the worst terrorist in the world, when she caused an international incident by sneaking into a prison to talk to one of her contacts about Nazir, which led her to nothing at that time because Ibrahim only got to tell her: “An American Prisoner of War has been turned”.

For the past 10 months she’s been working behind a desk in the CIA headquarters, and the orders came directly from Estes, because he didn’t want her to cause anymore problems.

She is currently studying Nicholas Brody because she believes that he is a turned Prisoner or War.

Profile: Agent Mathison is, secretly, under medication, specifically antipsychotics which are a tranquilizing med primarily used to manage psychosis, particularly schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Situation of which probably supports the theory that she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder tendencies.
Adjustment Level and Major Need: The main concern for Carrie is her surrounding and her obsessive need to control things around her so she knows what’s happening to gain her main goal, incriminate and prove that Brody was in fact turned to attack the US form the inside following abroad instructions. That way she develops a big shield to battle her strong feeling of loneliness and unhappiness that are carefully hidden inside of this complex character.

Perceptions of Environment and People:  Carrie does not view her surrounding as a safe place at all. Doubts everything that comes along and studies every detail of everything before making any decision, knowing in advance that can and will change what’s going on.

Family: Father is Frank Mathison. He has the same disorder of Carrie. Sister is Maggie Mathison. A nurse who illegally provides her with the medication to treat her illness. Nieces Ruby and Josie. Loves them deeply.

Interpersonal Relationships: It is evident that Carrie has problems initiating and, above all, maintaining long term relationships. In addition, she is going through some sort of sexual anxiety which causes her to have sex with total strangers, meaning one night stands.

Overall Review
Very interesting and intriguing character played by the talented Claire Danes. The thing about Carrie is that we can't actually be a step ahead; she is very intuitive and not quite predictable, which is what I love most about this character.

Carrie Mathison is a fascinating woman, not only because she is a kick ass CIA agent, she also speaks her mind, stands for her beliefs, very intelligent, keen senses, accurate skills that make her the owner of some high-class and complex way of seeing things that nobody else can, reason why she not quite loved in the Bureau.

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